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Sebastian Cabrera

"The essence of life is born from the elevation of the soul through the creative endeavor"

A bit about me

As an entrepreneur at heart and mind, I always want to improve the world around me. During the past 8 years of my professional career, I have become fascinated by the power of technology to help people. The potential of technology is only achieved by the ongoing delivery of value through the human connection. This is why I think Customer Success is so important for the future of the technology industry. 


I’m a non-traditional Customer Success Manager. I approach every professional connection with a long term relationship in mind. Applying my diverse cultural and professional experience to drive success. 

I value loyalty, passion and resourcefulness.



I was born in Bogota, Colombia. 

I live and breathe soccer, love to paint, make furniture and write poetry. 


Attended University in San Francisco, and Taipei, Barcelona and Italy. 

Currently live in San Francisco, CA

Work Experience

A reflection of the past to fuel the future

Product Analytics 

Amplitude Logo.png

Strategic Success Manager - 2019

Product Analytics 

The power of behavioral analytics to build engaging products is phenomenal. Product Managers all over the world try to build experiences that drive the true value of the products they build. I helped 15 strategic clients, who represented $4MM in ARR, use Amplitude to prioritize their product investments and understand how to bring a new way data-driven way of thinking into their enterprise.

I maintained 95% retention and contributed 210K in expansion and negotiated the early renewal of 2 enterprise clients that had experienced low engagement, by experimenting with new adoption tactics with individual users of the platform and running effective training workshops.

Influenced various product improvements that had a positive impact on client's adoption of the platform.

Worked with cross-functional teams to facilitate implementation, drive growth, renewal, and expansion.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 9.07.11 PM.png

Client Account Manager 2019- 2020

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy Firm

My time at Paradigm was transformative. I helped HR professionals and Executives in mid-market tech, investment banking, consulting and non-profits organizations understand how our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion services could help strengthen their cultures and help realize their missions.

I was part of the first dedicated client success team at the company. Contributed to $200K+ in sales in my Q1 of 2020, built new pipeline reporting processes and managed the inbound sales routing process to help prospect clients connect to the right consulting partner.

I learned about objective decision making, the power of allyship and how to foster a sense of belonging at the workplace to strengthen the culture of the company so that everyone can bring their best self to work every day. I'm an advocate of DEI and will forever look for new ways of helping others become inclusive leaders.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 9.09.04 PM.png


Prezi logo.png

Presentation Software

Prezi dashboard.png


Manage a global book of business of mid-market and enterprise companies.

Contribute to yearly expansion goals and achieved customer retention goals.

Work closely with C-Level customers to drive presentation and communication best practices inside Marketing, Sales, and HR departments in a variety of industries.

Create innovative learning materials to help users gain new skills and driving effective change while navigating complex organizations adverse to change.

Use data-driven analysis of user activity to improve client engagement and create outreach campaigns in collaboration with marketing to increase product usage.

Conduct client facing webinars to assist the Marketing team in lead generation and facilitate pre-sales process.

Customer Success Manager 2017- 2018


Business Operations Manager

2016 - 2017

​Challenge: rescue a dying business unit and launch a new product line in under a year. 

  • Developed new branding for the Permanent Makeup division ( to improve customer acquisition and retention in the U.S., launched new e-commerce store, managed email and social media marketing activities, identified and established new distribution partners in Ukraine, Mexico and Chile. This resulted in increased sales from 300K in 2016 to 780K (YTD) in 2017.

  • Recruited and managed Design, and Marketing agencies for, as well as directed product development, including packaging, and customer experience design; built e-commerce infrastructure in Shopify.

  • Launched business 15K under budget, negotiated favorable procurement deals in the supply chain, and brought products to market 2 months ahead of schedule.​


Customer Success Manager

2015 - 2016

Challenge: Onboard, retain and grow enterprise accounts in the government sector with a complex SaaS financial data visualization cloud platform.

  • Successfully onboarded, managed and actively engaged with 140+ C-Level government customers in the west region of the U.S. while maintaining a 93% renewal.  

  • Expanded 20% of the top accounts to new products, which resulted in 400K in sales.

  • Built best practices for the CS team to improve support, deployment, sales and project management.  

  • Saved 2 important clients from churn (representing 50K in revenue) by negotiating with new point of contact a customized training program for the implementation of the tool in their institution, resulting in improved relationship and advocacy to bring 3 new clients by their referral.

  • Worked closely with Product Managers to develop new features, with the Marketing team to develop business

cases and with Sales teams to improve outreach activities to achieve expansion goals.


Business Development


Challenge: Support the product fit and biz dev strategy of a Commercial Real Estate marketplace startup

  • Engaged and sold to C-Level Executives inside investment companies and commercial brokerages in Spain, Colombia, Mexico and the U.S.

  • Onboarded clients to the company’s premium commercial real estate subscription marketplace; conducted demand generation and marketing activities, executed a volume of 50+ cold calls and 1000+ emails per week, in addition to a variety of direct marketing activities to reach potential customers with limited resources.

OT Sunwear

Co-Founder and CEO

2012 - 2015

OT is a custom wood sunglasses company. It was the result of my Business Plan during my MBA, where I
achieved and failed the most in my career. I learned to negotiate deals with Chinese factories, American Lens
Laboratories and from customers all around the world.
• I developed the whole supply chain, designed every product, and worked with amazing peers to deliver a
unique and fun product to our customers.
• From selling sunglasses at tradeshows and leading a small team, to paying for bills and paychecks, this was
the most rewarding experience in my life. It thought me a lot about myself, and showed me that there was still
much to learn to create a successful business.


University of San Francisco - MBA: Global Entrepreneurship and Management


Ramon Llul (IQS) Barcelona-MBA: Global Entrepreneurship and Management


Fu Jen University Taipei, Taiwan-MBA: Global Entrepreneurship and Management


University of San Francisco-BS in Business Administration: International Business, Cum Laude




Sebastian is an extremely strong Success Manager and relationship builder, finding opportunities to build personal relationships with the teams he works with and add value to every customer. He brings positive energy & a can-do attitude to any situation. Sebastian has been super supportive of other team members, very collaborative and always willing to take time to lend a hand. Sebastian is an extraordinary team-player and all-around key asset to any team!

Joelle Emerson.jpeg

Sebastian was one of our first employees on our Sales and Client Success Team, and I worked closely with him throughout his time at Paradigm. Seb walked into a world without process or structure and was quick to add immense value to the team helping to build most of the operations our sales team uses today. Seb is a dynamic employee, who is able to wear many hats and adapt to any environment. He is a skilled solutions sales person, connecting our clients complex problems with meaningful solutions. He is also incredibly positive, and an absolute team player - in a rapidly evolving business he constantly stepped up to take on new challenges and make our work better. I’ve felt incredibly luck to work with Seb and enthusiastically recommend him. He will add meaningful and immediate impact wherever he goes


I really enjoyed working with Sebastian at OpenGov on the Customer Success Team. Not only did he foster a positive environment with his great attitude, he also inspired others with his strong entrepreneurial drive and infectious creativity. While accumulating a high volume of accounts, he became extremely successful in closing renewal opportunities and then shared his knowledge and best tactics with the rest of the team. As a person who sincerely cares about solving problems, Sebastian worked hard to identify and address internal and external business needs, taking the initiative to research project management software tools that would also benefit customers. He’s someone with the right instincts for Customer Success and the drive to produce results.

Heather Yost.jpg

Sebastian is a passionate, dedicated member of any team. While we worked together for OpenGov, he demonstrated a strong desire to learn and grow within his role as a CSM, and was very successful in finding and closing upsell opportunities. He has a contagious enthusiasm for his work and is responsive to the needs of both his customers and his other colleagues - he was an essential part of delivering an urgent, massive solution for one of OpenGov's largest customers, and did so quickly and effectively while managing his very full workload. He often shared best practices with the other CSMs, came up with new tactics to use to engage hard-to-contact customers, and helped create a positive environment for his OpenGov colleagues.

Heather Yost

Carlos Baradello.jpg

Happy to write this recommendation for Sebastian, who is a young professional with a go getter with a can do attitude. I have know him since he was a student at USF and I have watched his progress in his professional career. happy to support any request from a future employeer or business partner. Best -- Carlos B.

Carlos Baradello

Jennifer Walske.jpg

Sebastian Cabrera is an innovative business leader. He is passionate about doing the highest calibre of work, while also giving back to the community. He is a great exemplar of what we hope our students will become.

Jennifer Walske


Emerging Leader in Small Business


Silicon Valley Latino Awarded Sebastian  during the celebration of Silicon Valley Latino Trailblazer and Emerging Leader Ceremony.

Sebastian Cabrear award Silicon Valley Latino.JPG

LAM - Member of the month


Mixing Business and Pleasure, an Entrepreneurial Success. 

Sebastian Cabrera knows firsthand what it’s like to have it all, then lose it all.

When the recession hit in late 2008, “everything went to the ground.” His parents—who had immigrated to the United States in 2005 were living the American Dream and carrying with them the entrepreneurial spirit that was born in them from their native Bogota, Colombia.

San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

The Maker Community of San Leandro

First Video Production for OT Sunwear


Second Video Production for OT

Product pitch for Google

Google Project

Google Glass Project

This was a line of accessories I pitched to Verizon for Google Glass. This project was retired due to the non-release of Glass to the market. Members of the development team: Sebastian Cabrera and Diego Sabogal co-founders of OT sunwear


FCC Sports

Board Member


Providing strategic guidance for business development activities in soccer representation and stadium building

University of San Francisco-

Alumni Board of Directors

2015 - 2017

As board member I participated in activities to engage the alumni society of the university with the campus initiatives.

San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

Board Member


Advised the Chamber on business initiatives, launched the first Footgolf tournament in the city and promoted the chamber with a series of videos featuring local makers.

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