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Interview with Josue Torres

One year ago, I met Josue Torres Garcia. His story made such an impact on me, that I needed to share it with you.

I was matched to mentor him, as part of a program at the USF School of Management where he is completing his MBA. We had our first conversation in the halls of Prezi in downtown San Francisco. I will always remember how humble and warm he appeared, as we shared our first words.

At the age of 16, Josue was driving with a group of friends going home after an earth day event in San Diego and a drunk driver rear-ended their car at tremendous speed. It made his car look like a wafer.

Fortunately, he survived the crash. But he was not himself anymore. His memories fade, he did not remember how to speak and lost vision in one of his eyes. He was forever a new person.

I could not comprehend, how after suffering such a tragedy, Josue was now going through an MBA program and working full time at the Judicial Council of California.

Not only did he had to relearn how to speak, but also rediscover the languages he spoke. Among of which were Spanish, Native American (Yoeme) and English.

Just imagine waking up one day and not knowing how to say anything to your loved ones. Not being able to express the frustration of connecting the present with the past.

Josue is a remarkable human being. He overcame this hardship with grace. But the world kept moving and has kept putting obstacles on his way.

That is why after completing his BA degree and having a career that he was not fulfilling, he sought a new direction. A new beginning. Something he is now well equipped to deal with.

He started an MBA without knowing where it would lead him. But knowing that he wanted to make an impact on the community he is a part of.

Now only one year before he graduates, he is in search of a new career. One where he can take his experience in the public sector and apply it to the technology industry. One where he can reinvent himself once again.

Josue also wants to share his stories about the obstacles people with disabilities have in the workplace. From bullying to discrimination. In a world were we talk about diversity, we should not only be talking about race or gender, but also disability.

What is Josue up to

Finishing his MBA in 2020.

He is a finance and ops lead at the Judicial Council of California

Lives in Mission Bay in SF.

What he is looking forward to

Be a positive role model for disabled people in the workforce.

A trip to Dubai with his peers from USF.

Learning Tagalog.

A new career

What you can learn from Josue

He can teach you a thing or two about Python and excel.

Writing policies and procedures that align with state regulations. As he has done for PG&E, Lyft and Uber.

Implementing software such as Fiscal peoplesoft.

What he could learn from you


How to prepare for an interview

About operations in tech. Is it a viable career for him.

General advice on career development

Read his favorite book “ A Brave New World”

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